Site improvements – Week starting 23rd July 2012

Waste recycling sites

We have made some tweaks and modifications to our ‘Household waste recycling centres‘ page:

Bumped the opening times information much nearer to the top of the page – this is, after all, the main reason customers come to the page.

Changed the headings of the time table to make the date ranges clearer. They now talk about winter and summer times, with the specific dates underneath. Same done to the timetable on each individual waste recycling site page.

Pushed the link for vehicle permits up the page, to now appear above the map.

Edited the ‘Environment’ mega-menu to place more emphasis on finding opening times rather than location.

Environment navigation mega-menu

The ‘mega-menus’ are the dropdown menus that appear from the site-wide navigation bar at the top of the website.

On the ‘Environment’ mega-menu, we have changed one of the major links to point visitors to a place to comment on planning applications, rather than submit an application. We’ve done this because WCC are responsible for very few planning applications (waste management and mineral extraction applications), where the majority of interest is around commenting.

Past election results

We have rolled out a new page, providing details of the last three county council election results – in 2001, 2005, and 2009. This uses Google Fusion Tables to hold the data and the Chart Wizard to create embeddable tables. The data is all available on our OpenData site for anyone to access and build applications.

Latest roadworks information

Working with the new Elgin ( script, we have embedded a map into the site that displays all of the latest roadwork information across Warwickshire (and indeed, the UK).


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