Website usability testing – Adult social care

In March we looked at adult social care pages for the website usability testing. Members of the Transformation Assembly helped test the website and gave us some detailed feedback.

We asked the users to complete four tasks via our website:

  1. Find out if your relative is eligible for social care support;
  2. Find a group or service to help with the relatives overgrown garden;
  3. Find out what financial contributions would be made towards any social care support;
  4. Find out how to report a vulnerable adult.

Findings and improvements

There have been quite a few amendments and tweaks to these pages following the feedback from the usability test. There are many pages with detailed information but we hope it is a bit easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for.

Eligibility page

  • There are no links or “next steps” to anywhere after checking eligibility
    • Added paragraph and link to the Assessment page
  • Difficult to find if you don’t know where to look
    • We have reviewed the navigation structure and removed a level, making the page less clicks from the home page.
  • Users misspelt eligibility in the search box
    • We have added search results for misspellings of eligibility to ensure the page shows up.

Social care page

  • The directory seach is too prominent at the top of the page and was used to search website for information
    • We have removed the search boxes for the directory and replaced with a link a bit further down the page.
  • There is lots of text on navigation items
    • Text has been reviewed and shortened.
  • Popular page links are low down on the page
    • We have re-organised the page based on analytics and page poularity.
    • Adults, Children and Carers social care pages have been moved up towards the top.

Social care charges

  • The page is difficult to find
    • We have reviewed the navigation structure and removed a level, making the page less clicks from the home page.
  • Content seems to be split over two pages (/abilitytopay)
    • These two pages have been merged into one page with all the information in one place.
  • There is lots of text and the content isn’t very clear
    • The page content has been reviewed and cleaned up. Tables and headers have been added to make it easier to see the information.

Paying for social care services and self-funding 

  • Lots of text on the page and can be confusing
    • The page content has been reviewed
  • Information is split between two pages (Social care charges)
    • The two pages have been merged into one with all the information on.
  • Search result for “Means testing” did show any results
    • Added a search item for means testing

Support for Adults

  • Page links lead to more navigation pages
    • Added links to the main steps for Adult social care support
    • Added custom graphics to show steps from elegibility to service finding.
  • Page title not clear it is for social care support
    • Page title renamed  “Social care support for adults”

Assess your social care needs

  • Links from this page have been moved to Support for Adults
    • Removed page
    • Change shortcut to point to /supportforadults

Your care your choice

  • There is lots of text on the page and is confusing where to look
    • Content reviewed and accordions have been added for the steps on the page. Now much easier to see where to look.

Social care complaints 

  • There are no links from here to complain/report vulnerable adults or children
    • Added links to these pages from social care complaints


  • Link says services for and page title is Audience
    • Re-named page from “Audience” to “Services for…”
  • No obvious way to directory search
    • Added link in sidebar to the directory search
    • Added the directory search link to appropriate audience pages (older people, carers etc)

Health and Wellbeing

  • There is no route to from here to Adults or children social services support
    • Added links to Adults and Childrens social care support

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