2013 elections – in real time

Today, Warwickshire undergoes its 2013 county council elections, where 62 seats are being contested.

This year, something is a little different however. Right now, voters can see a history of the area they live in – showing results back to 2005. And tomorrow (Friday 3rd May), the day of the vote count, we will be delivering real-time results to you via our online election coverage.

As soon as an area is declared, our overall countywide, district, borough, and individual electoral area level maps will update, giving you an instant visual indicator of the seats declared, and the shift of power (at an area-by-area level).

Results will be available on the go (being both mobile and tablet friendly), so you can stay up to date on your area wherever you are.

Plus, to cap it all off, the @WarksDemocracy Twitter feed will be churning out real-time results as they are announced. We’d thoroughly recommend you subscribe to them now – if you haven’t already done so.

To have a look at candidate information for your area, you can either visit the overview page for your district / borough:

Or you can look at the overall view and select your locality.

For developers interested in making use of the data on the day – we’re making it immediately open for you via a Google Fusion table. You can grab our detailed results for your personal mashups right here, and to get you started, why not grab and add in a KML layer of our electoral boundaries to go alongside it. Or, you could try mashing it up against another Fusion table of previously elected candidates.

And for those of you interested in how we created the 2013 elections coverage area – here’s the breakdown:

Meaning, we’ve managed to create this tool, on (effectively) a £0 budget – using existing, or open source, tools and services.

So – have a look around, follow the coverage tomorrow, and let us know what you think!


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