Site Improvements – Week Starting 1st July 2013

Cherry Orchard household waste recycling centre

We have received some feedback about the postcode being incorrect for Cherry Orchard household waste recycling centre.  This has now been corrected so it should be a lot easier to find.

Kingsbury Outdoor Education Centre

We were asked to add the exact location of Outdoor Education Centre as it’s entrance was not clear and members of the public were entering Kingsbury Water Parks instead.  We created a new map which is now embedded in the page and updated the directions.


It was reported that the Speedaware links were not linked to the actual page, this has now been amended.

Silver Surfer Club

We have made Silver Surfer club at Nuneaton Library times and days more visible.  As they were hard to find.

School Interactive Maps

We have added Primary and Secondary School Priority areas interactive maps in the admissions pages. It should make it easier for parents to see local schools in there area.

School Holiday dates

We have published PDF versions of the School holiday dates and teacher training dates, it was reported that not everyone has the software installed to open a spreadsheet.


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