Site Improvements – Week Starting 2nd September 2013

Household waste recycling centres

We made an update to all the recycling centre titles to include the town or area on the summary page, as these had all been removed previously when we rolled out the new ‘WCC Geo locator plug in’ as we thought it wasn’t needed anymore. However we have received feedback that this information was very useful and can it be returned, so we did.

Fire and Rescue

It was reported that on the Fire and Rescue page there was no link to the ‘Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Incidents News’ site so we added it to the ‘You may also be interested in’ section on the page

Blue Badges

A customer mentioned that the page didn’t appear to have any information on how to ‘Renew’ a Blue Badge so we added information within the ‘Applying for and renewing your Blue Badge’ section that states you have to go through the standard application process.

Roads and Travel

It was pointed out that we hadn’t included a link on the ‘Roads and Travel’ page to show the developments of the Stratford Cattle Market. So we added a link to Warwickshire blog.


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