School closures

We launched the new process for signing up for school closure text alerts last week, and it’s already been used by 4000 customers!

We have received some feedback about it, and have made some improvements to try to answer some of the questions customers had, and solve some of the problems.

We have:

  • added text to describe how to sign up for more than one school
  • placed the message in a yellow box to highlight that the word ‘on’ is needed at the end

The biggest issue we’ve seen has been customers missing the word ‘on’ at the end. The step above tries to solve this quickly, but longer term we’ll be changing the system to accept messages that miss off ‘on’, and assume that if it’s missing then that’s what was meant.

Other improvements this week

It was reported that the ‘How to Develop my team’ link on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment page was incorrect and was pointing to the home page. This has now been rectified.


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