First round of website changes – implemented June 2014

As part of our ongoing improvements to the website we have recently implemented a few updates. Don’t get too excited just yet – these are just the first few developments to help lay the foundations of the overall website redesign.


In our efforts to provide a clutter free, user friendly interface, we have begun by integrating the navigation tabs into the ever present black bar. You can now access the three main sites more easily – the black bar remains on screen as you scroll – and this change has also freed up valuable space on the main body of the page.

Clicking these tabs also now reveals a further level of navigation – sub categories are accessible from the drop down menus – and the same options can be accessed from the ‘burger menu’ on mobile devices. This change to the black bar has enabled us to remove the navigation bar from mobile devices – this ensures that the important content is visible as soon as you view a page on smaller screens.


Ensuring that the website is mobile friendly is our key aim; the less our customers need to scroll, pinch and zoom on their device, the easier their experience will be. To assist our mobile users further, the search bar has been expanded – the bar and button were previously a little fiddly to use on smaller devices but are now much easier to select.

Cleaner UI

Finally, on our first round, we have begun the process of freeing our webpages of unnecessary clutter. The nature of our website is to provide clear, concise information to our customers and as such this should be presented within a clean user interface. Over the course of the coming weeks, a flatter, cleaner look will be introduced – the first of these changes has been to remove the shadowing from the header and other elements. Shadows and gradients can be distracting, have no real impact on user experience and contribute only to clutter on screen. Again this is particularly important for our customers using tablets or phones – as the device gets smaller, the need for cleaner presentation is more essential.

Please keep an eye on the website over the coming weeks – this is an ongoing project, so improvements will be introduced in small regular doses so as to not impact on the functionality of the site.


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