Clearer navigation

As part of the ongoing development of the website we have recently rolled out our new navigation pages to certain areas of the site. The new design makes it much easier for our users to see all top tasks as soon as they visit the page, without the need to scroll down through a list of text and links.

Top tasks are arranged in the main body of the page as ‘featured links’ including an icon and descriptive text – when viewing on desktop – and ensure easy access to the most popular pages. Lesser viewed links are available underneath, but are still visible without excessive scrolling.


The new navigation page layout has also been designed to respond to device screen size – regardless of whether the user is viewing on desktop, tablet or mobile, top tasks will always been clearly labelled and easily accessed as soon as the page is loaded. Links are rearranged for mobile devices to ensure easy access without the need for pinch and zoom or excessive scrolling.

Crime mobile

You can find examples of the new navigation pages at:
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND);
School admissions;
Roads and travel strategies;
Crime and security;
and more.

Over the coming weeks we will be rolling this out over all service areas along with the introduction of ‘portal pages’ – more information on portal pages will be available in future posts.


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