The initial Discover phase is about getting a clear understanding of our users and their needs. It is focussed on identifying problems and opportunities. The Define phase is focussed on analysing and assessing the mass of ideas and findings and presenting them in the form of a condensed set of problem statements. These should be aligned with the organisational needs and business objectives which will support the identification and prioritisation of those to be taken forward.

The Define phase results in a clear definition of the fundamental challenge or problem to be addressed through a design-led product or service.


  • Analyse the outputs of the Discover phase
  • Synthesise the findings into a reduced number of opportunities
  • Define a clear brief for sign off by all stakeholders

Key considerations/questions

  • Does the project team have the right mix of skills to contribute effectively? (service manager, user researchers, business analysts)
  • Has the right project governance been agreed to allow for stakeholder sign-off?

Useful links

WCC project management standards (intranet site accessible only within WCC network)

The team for building a successful digital service


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