In the Deliver phase, the service is launched and begins to address the needs identified in the Discover phase. The final concept is taken through final testing, finalised and signed off. It is important to ensure systems are in place to capture, and respond to, user feedback. The Deliver phase is also the point to feed back lessons from the process to colleagues and partners, sharing new knowledge, insight tools, or ways of working.


  • Taking the service to launch
  • Ensure customer feedback mechanisms are in place
  • Share lessons from development process back into the organisation

Key considerations/questions

  • Is appropriate assisted digital support in place that’s aimed towards those who genuinely need it?
  • Is there a plan for the phasing out of any existing alternative channels, where appropriate?
  • Has the service been integrated with any non-digital sections required for legal reasons?
  • Is there capacity and technical flexibility to update and improve the service on a very frequent basis?
  • Where something has been developed internally, has all new source code been made open and reusable?
  • Can the end-to-end service in an environment identical to that of the live version?
  • Are analytics tools being used to collect performance data?
  • Is there a plan in place for ongoing user testing?
  • Is there a contingency ‘rollback’ plan in the event of the service being taken temporarily offline?
  • Has the service been tested successfully from beginning to end with the portfolio holder responsible for the service area?
  • Is there a plan to monitor and achieve ongoing high levels of user satisfaction across the digital and assisted digital service?
  • Is there a plan to monitor and achieve ongoing high completion rates across the digital and assisted digital service?

Useful links

GDS’s Guide to Assisted Digital


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