The Develop phase takes the initial brief and identifies the most appropriate solution that will deliver the defined outcome. This may be an internal development, in which case an iterative process of developing, testing and refining of the solution should take place until it is ready for implementation. In the case of the procurement of an external solution, where there is likely to be limitations on our ability to refine the solution, an early pilot phase should be planned.


  • Develop the initial brief into an agreed solution for implementation
  • Iteratively test concepts with end users, or pilot external solutions early on

Key considerations/questions

  • What user data and information the service will be providing or storing?
  • What tools and systems might be appropriate to meet the user/business need (e.g. internal development, external procurement)?
  • Is adequate resource in place to assess the technical suitability of potential solutions?
  • Have Equality Impact Assessments and Privacy Impact Assessments have been created?
  • Have performance benchmarks against which the service will be measured been agreed?
  • Is there a plan (with supporting evidence) for achieving a low cost per transaction?
  • Is there a plan (with supporting evidence) for achieving a high digital take-up?

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