Service Design – Ideation

Service Design - IdeationOnce you have a problem statement (or more than one), you need to focus on generating ideas that meet the needs of that statement. This process is called ideation. It’s the most divergent and creative part of the design and development process the more creative and abundant the ideas are, the better.  You can filter, edit them down and shape them later.

You are trying to stretch yourselves to think in new ways to meet the needs of our users. We need to do this, or else we risk ending up with very similar service features to now. This concept work can help reach new users, or offer new services or both.

Some techniques

  • ‘Destroy your business’
  • Word association
  • Parallel worlds
  • The ideal journey
  • If … ran this service, it would be like this
  • The most useless ideas … (and reverse!)
  • Bodystorming
  • Diagonal thinking
  • Thematic workshops, clusters, harvesting
  • Extreme scenarios – PESTLE
  • Business model framework

When ideating:

  1. Defer judgement
  2. Encourage wild ideas
  3. Build on ideas of others (and not but)
  4. Stay focused
  5. Be visual
  6. One conversation
  7. Go for quantity!

Top Tips

  1. Do this process more than once
  2. Use different techniques to generate ideas, not just one

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